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At Tilt Event Entertainment we understand the planning and hosting aspect of your event can sometime be overwhelming and challenging.

We believe your choice in entertainment should not be convoluted with numerous costs that often leads to confusion and stress.  The decision process should be simple. 

Our fixed value price is geared toward this "simplicity concept" and is why our clients book our services over and over again. 



All day rates AVAILABLE

Along with the first 2 Hours included in pricing , you get our revolutionary, state of the art, interactive, modern 6 foot sophisticated, all mirror photo booth for you and your guests enjoyment. Equipped with social media sharing capabilities, games, gifs, branding and event customization, it's guaranteed to  "WOW" your guests.


  • Onsite Concierge Representative

  • Set up and breakdown

  • Unlimited photo and sessions

  • Text and email picture delivery

  • Social media sharing

  • Photo filter options

  • Photo frame overlay option

  • Photobooth props

  • Red, black, white or custom carpet

  • Crowd control stanchions and velvet rope

  • Customized event template

  • Free digital copies of all event pictures 

     ADD ONS:

  • Unlimited prints

  • Flower and Green Backdrops



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